WIP or Works In Progress...

This year sems to be a very different one, heavy energy crisis, Ukrainian War, lot of political promises, especially concerning the energy and costs of living.

Sorry to say, it seems our “green” political options forced by the “green” political parties shows their unrealism, our needs are very different than what they would like to hear and for sure forces us to apply.

Yes, the CO2 issue is a very heavy problem, for which we don’t do enough, but with the actual situation, we forget the permafrost CH4… far worse than CO2…

This summer a few reports shows up regarding the Hydrogen, and especially green hydrogen dangerous properties, what a joke, it is like hydrogen, nothing else, and far safer than many other sources, wrong education, wrong press, tv, newspapers and so on,

A few very interesting papers are available regarding Hydrogen and related, one of the best, if not the best for Electrolysis, is

Water electrolysis: from textbook knowledge to the latest scientific strategies and industrial developments - Chemical Society Reviews (RSC Publishing)

Thanks to Pr. Bruno Pollet,

An other one is :

The future of Copper in the Energy Transition | IHS Markit very important, even, we need to follow further the complete metal market and LSE

This excel file is also a key one…

But don t forget, probably the best today’s life source of information is:  feel free to register to their webconf… (usually in English).

throughout their weekly conferences lot of person are linked and every week the subjects are the more useful you can expects, really the place to go/share/… perhaps also purchase the webconf as archives, very valuable…

more to know will be on this conference:

not forgetting the ipcc report

as well as ren22 report,energy%20generation%20and%20value%20chains.

Lets see how our future goes, or, is it behind us?

As the geopolitical situation seems not really to improve, EY provides a very interesting paper related to RECAI, feel free to have a look, and, decide how to move further…

Some works are on process for getting SaMantHa, Medusa and NemoRenSys to run, a special tubular sea water alkaline electrolyser is under development and due soon, to be integrated into SaMantHa and Medusa,

Plus in Solar Phoenix, the Thermals Stirling Tower and 3D Solar Electrolysis modules.... WIP ... 

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