WIP or Works In Progress...

SaMantha, like a Manta ray, the “h” is for green hydrogen, is a:


“Unmanned underwater Green Hydrogen Seaglider production system”.


Just this title means everything, leaving at a certain position, international waters, SaMantha’s units like a “sea glider”, using gravity and buoyancy is deep unsensitive, goes up and down generating local electrical power before engendering green hydrogen and system need.

Each unit have a generation capability closes to 4 MW for the basic unit, meaning around 250KG of green hydrogen per hour.

The solutions remain underwater, coming close to the surface to exchange the “cocoons” before continuing the manufacturing process.

The tanks, called, Cocoons, are similar to a multiple materials tanks’ solution, large capacity, total volume up to close to 83M³, allowing gas pressures up to 1000 Bars.

The principle excludes the transportation needs in several cases, example, if leaving the European costal area, SaMantha can go and generate to neighboring American east coast and exchange the cocoons, avoiding all the infrastructure needs.

These “cocoons” can be sea transported, and then placed on sea container trucks, with similar to iso45 container fixings.

For security issues, SaMantha detects surrounding elements, avoid them if necessary, is also totally not sensitive to natural disasters, avoiding them if requested.

The communication and navigations requirements are done using inertial settings with GNSS update and satellite applications if needed. When at the Top/high position, SaMantha comes on a “listen” mode before taking action(s) if necessary.

Also, all the works are made on surface, avoiding all the underwater costly and difficult jobs.

To complete SaMantha’s, Medusa concept, a tanks honeycomb ship is under evaluation for cocoons  needs.

Why SaMantha or Medusa, all the systems are based on the same principle, as the NemoRenSys solution needsa limited infrastructure, it is easier azs a proff of concept to start with the two units, Medusa is a "needle" like solution, and SaManta uses the same principle but is long distance traveling unit ...