WIP or Works In Progress...

As you can see, newcomers are seen in the NemoRenSys Systems Solutions,


  • The Mother to all of then is the Basis NemoRenSys, on the hardware level nothing changes, simply systems optimizations and upgrades.



  • based on the NemoRenSys concept, acting like a “sea glider”but does not need the captive cable, it is not allowing the local power generation, but it is possible by bringing the system close to a shore, to provide electricity, green electricity from the sea/oceans to the shore…
  • The power generation capabilities are modular, reasonable, to less than 100MW...



  • Medusa,

  • Medusa is similar to SaMantha, it is based on “Hercules Concept” a UUWS (Unmanned UnderWater System).
  • Medusa is a Modular Solution, Mainly for Green CryptoMoney generation…
  • The Real Power Generation Capabilities can be up to multiple GW, multiple 000 of MW...
  • Here we do not need gas generation, no Green Hydrogen...

March 31st, 2022.

(Not to be April 1st, to avoid…)


New press information.


What to do?

By all means, NemoRenSys needs a gas solution for his work, but, why green Hydrogen? Green Oxygen?


NemoRenSys is supposed to be placed where water deep is maximal, but, with the best solution regarding the neighboring countries, that’s why, NemoRenSys is located, when possible after the EEC, 200NM territorial limits.

Due to the distance, and the cost of the distance to the user, pipeline, HVDC can be exploited, and the generation of Green Hydrogen was/is a possible solution...

Using the S&P data, the various green hydrogen prices and the new capex prices related to the electrolyser, partially due to the skyrocketing metal prices, it does not seem the most adequate to start generate the gazes exclusively, knowing that extra cost must be applied.

Today, the coal or other hydrogen generation techniques bringing the gh2 prices down to less than €1.7 per kg, the electrical generation prices seem to be more adequate, for local use.



In any case, NemoRenSys produce electricity, large amount, modular while running, need a little bit of gazes…

The best Return of Investment capabilities and the CryptoMining comparing to gh2 and electrical production, are the most profitable. We do not need any connection to the shore, no material storage, transmission or related, the cooling and power issues are solved here, and used.

By all means, due to his concept, NemoRenSys can be adapted at a later stage if required.


What does that mean for hypothetical investors?

If you are interested a proprietary underwater mining hardware will be installed, using the same scheme as the other mining companies, except, we are totally underwater, no climatic or human risks, in INTERNATIONAL waters, providing the first OFFSHORE CryptoMining, even, totally green solution.

Please, note, this is not while we are in offshore areas, the common sense and legal issues are not applied, we are, must and will always been respectful to the laws.