What are our main problems today?


If we follow the actualities, especially in the western world, the Russian attack toward Ukraine is a key issue, but, remember, our energies have been and are also present, non-availability, bringing high prices, technologies will change, more renewables, less fossils, here generating less gazes like co2, ch4 or related.


The “green “political parties in many countries are pushing for non-nuclear and lot, lot of “renewables " solutions, replacing well-functioning, but aging nuclear power plants.


Today, it is clear our options are limited, green hydrogen is and will be an issue, not forgetting solar and wind technologies.


It is sad to see that only very efficiency limited solutions are going to be in place, when we can improve the availability, (capacity factor) and efficiency requiring no expensive electrical storage units.


Also, it is interesting to see that very few data come with the non-availability of the material to manufacture so many energies related units like lithium, neodymium, platinum or related… do you seriously believe that the expected amount of wind turbines will have enough resources for the industrial requirements?


Today, our environment is disfigured by the vast amount of onshore as well as offshore wind turbines or solar panels, ok, it was not nice with the other power plants, but, at least, the amount of energy generated and the availability were solved, at least partially…


Just think about this, on the French costal area, it is possible to generate lot of energy, not using offshore wind turbines, even 15MW is nothing, we need the GigaWatt range, bellow is of no interest, we can do it, but are we going to be allowed to do so?


An important point is that, when we are talking about ocean power, public understand the waves, the tides, or related, but usually nobody thinks that water is like air and can be also a vertical world where gravity and buoyancy are forces, able to be converted into energies…


Remember, Medusa, SaMantha and NemoRenSys are based on the same technologies, key developments points are:


Lot of Energy, optimized efficiency, very limited environmental impact, affordable, solving lot of our todays trouble…  these are only a part of the thinking points; we simply have to move forward…


If you want to know more, please, read further, lot of information are available, lot of links too…

an interesting new report was published  rgd the actual economico-polical situation