WIP or Works In Progress...

The green hydrogen production is made using seawater splitting, called electrolysis.

3 categories of electrolysis are available, found by Lavoisier in 1834. Initial solution as Alkaline solution.

The 3 variations are:

The most used today is the PEM solution, but the main problems comes also from the technologies itself, even if lot of advantages over the alkaline or SOEC ones.

The PEM membranes have today, an accepted lifetime of 10 years, (Agfa) but also, the pricing is high (between 600 and 900€ per M² (accepted pricing…).

Another very important issue is the use of expensive metals usually in the platinum family are also a big issue in the technology usage.

Today, 2022, a different issue comes also on top, increasing the solution general bill, the electricity, knowing that an average accepted value is for 1 MW, 1000 KW, can generate about 60KG of green Hydrogen.

At my knowledge, the following document is the “’bible” describing electrolysis today, simply follow the link and enjoy reading.

The Belobog / NemoRenSys Electrolysis Solution or,

The Virtual Membrane 3D Electrolysis Module. Or  VM3DEM

As said, the optimal solution for water electrolysis is partly using the PEM, with all the issues, here, we can provide a solution, using the 3D designs, the volumic pressure properties differences between liquid and gazes, meaning in this case, the expected lifetime is close to unlimited because of the absence of this physical membrane, but also drastically reduce the costs.

just in case, the electrolyser module is based on the Coanda, Magnus,...  principle, 

The sizing is made for placing the modules inline to the seawater desalination filters as long as we require them until sea water electrolyser will be efficiently running.


 Also, due to the flow dynamics, desalination, if due, and power generation are immediatelly done inside the electrolyser module.


avoid the ?700€/M2 membrane cost, the ?15 years lifetime, and all the issues, can you realize all the advantages of such an electrolyser?

Manufacturing costs are going to be and remain low, WIP... TRL 4 (nov 2022). TRL 9 June 2023.


As surface/area are not available to everyone for having solar panels or wind turbines, the initial idea is to offer the VM3DEM a crowed funded green hydrogen generation solution. More to come or contact me for more information.